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In 1989, RSC Energia named after S P Korolev, a leading company in Russia in creation of a space rocket technology, in the context of conversion, and in accordance with the government's task launched a socially important programme: the creation of a complex of modern facilities to assist the Orthopaedics Disability Russia.

OIME was founded in 1991. It is a subsidiary of Rocket and Space Corporation Energia  SP Korolev and has the exclusive right to assembly, sale and supply of components and modules for prosthetic arms and legs to public and private prosthetic and orthopaedic companies.

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All modules and components of prostheses are strength and endurance tested on specially designed stands for independent testing. This ensures a long lasting and highest quality of prostheses.

Before going into production, all designed modules and components are tested with the developed techniques adopted in the aerospace industry and the characteristics of the world Prosthesis.

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The new products are developed in cooperation with leading experts: Russian Scientific Research Institute of Prosthetics and Prosthesis Inventions and awarded with numerous medals and diplomas at international exhibitions.

In terms of quality, functionality and design of our products are not giving in to similar products of leading foreign firms. Majority of the product has CE label approval.

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